Packing large, fragile items is often the hardest part when you have to move. That’s why it’s mostly natural to have misgivings about such items breaking, wearing down, or getting damaged while moving. Also, boxes and crates pass through several hands while on transit and need the best care to keep them safe and secure.

Keeping your large, fragile items safe during a move in Chicago begins with the steps you take to move them from one location to the other. However, if you feel up to the task without professional Chicago long-distance movers, their tools, and their techniques of packing, then you have a lot to consider. The bottom line is that you can move large, fragile items without any form of damage to them with the right attention and dedication.

Top Tips for Moving Large, Fragile Items

1. Use Soft Material at the Bottom of the box

When you have large, fragile items like a huge HD flat-screen TV set, you can move it without damaging any parts. You can add a soft packing layer at the base of your box to absorb any dent or shakeup along the way. Foam, Styrofoam peanuts, packing paper, and towels are some of the things you can use to safeguard your items. When you’ve added your fragile item into the cushioned box, fill in all the empty spaces to protect all angles.

2. The Heaviest Items Go to the Bottom

It’s not enough to pad your box with soft towels or foams. If you do so and still have a heavy item on a less weighty one, that’s a recipe for damage. Rank all of your large, fragile items from the largest to the smallest. This way, the bottom of the box is well-supported and smaller items won’t get crushed.

3. Wrap Each Fragile Item

There are many items you can adequately protect when you wrap them with safe materials. Big glasses, artworks, antiques, and more should be individually wrapped according to their shape, size, and material. If any loose pieces follow such items, wrap them separately.

Some items are more delicate than others and should be further secured with tape. It’s also a good idea to segment these items into individual boxes rather than place them in a collective space with other fragile items.

4. Clearly Label Fragile Items

While large, fragile items can be seen, you should still label the boxes containing them. Such boxes can also be put in separate areas with strong instructions to handle them with care. Labeling is a good move because it also helps you unpack without issues. The labels help you remember the boxes that contain your fragile items.

Items like TVs, large cameras, and other equipment can be placed in their original box and shipping materials before moving. The same thing goes for large mirrors, sculptures, and statues.

5. Let a Professional Assist You

If you’re working with residential movers in Chicago, you’ll find out that they have the resources, real-time advice, personnel, and all that it takes to help you plan your move. Most importantly, such professionals can keep your large, fragile, and valuable items safe and protected in a climate-controlled storage facility.

In addition, you can expect them to use top-notch moving materials such as moving pads, custom wood crating, and specially designed boxes for large screen TVs, mirrors, and artworks.

6. Take Precautionary Steps to Protect Your Investment

Your large, fragile items represent a worthwhile investment for you. To adequately protect them, you can take pictures of their current state before having a reliable company move them. You can also take an inventory of the items coupled with purchasing full valuation coverage. With this coverage, you’re reimbursed for the replacement value of the item in case of breakage or damage. 

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